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I have moved my site from my journal to a community, because I didn't want to post my blabbing in my journal and cover up my custom content.

Terms of Service )

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If you agree to this stuff then go ahead and download.

My Legal Declaration: All works on http://i-see-you.dreamwidth.org/, are developed independently by me (Yoshitasu), I See You Sims holds copyright licenses over 'original' and 'derived' creations on this site. All items created on this site and other sites that I post my creations on are for personal use not commercial use, any group or person is prohibited to publish, modify, transmit or upload without the consent of Yoshitasu (Kris Jackson).

Although this is not a donation site I still expect you to respect my rights as a creator and a citizen, any unauthorized actions that violates my creation policies or legal license, legal actions will be enforced to protect my creations.

**Custom Content Extra Notice**
~Do not hotlink my files or Photos.~



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